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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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Following the informational meeting with Human Rights Advisor to the Commander in Chief of the Regional Police Headquarters in Wrocław – Barbara Lorenc-Żelisko that was held on 22.03.2017 at the Faculty of Social Sciences, please take a minute to get familiar with the most important information she shared, about how to feel safe in the city.

Miss Lozrenc-Zelinsko assured that in general, Wroclaw is a safe city, but crimes can happen everywhere. She underlined the importance to react in time: notifications about  frauds, crimes, hate crimes and offenses must be reported personally  in a police unit.

In case of emergency - please write an e-mail to dyzurny@wr.policja.gov.pl or  call phone number  112, 997 or 71 344-48-67 (Regional  Police Officer)

998 is the number of Fire department

999 – Ambulance                                              

0800 200 300 tourist emergency line

 608 599 599 English speaking emergency number (active from early June to late September).

Local police website: www.dolnoslaska.policja.gov.pl

As means for prevention, one should avoid intoxicated people, stay alert in places of entertainment, where there might be a risk of fighting. In emergency, ask for help and look around for police patrols, call 997, or 112. Her business phone is +48 600-432-205. If something happens, try to remember as many details about the perpetrator: this will help the Police to find him.

As long as you comply with Polish law, everything should be fine. In case a police officer stops you for a random check, you are also allowed to ask him for an ID card. Please remember that possession or distribution of drugs is prohibited and can cause up to 10 years of prison. Driving after alcohol usage is strictly forbidden, as well as drinking alcohol in public (you can, of course drink at restaurants and bars).

Please note that you should keep silence between 10 PM and 6 AM and people are allowed to call the police if you don’t comply to this rule.

If you have any questions, you may contact her at barbara.lorenc-zelisko@wr.policja.gov.pl ; 600-432-2015.