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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

You are here: Home > Institute > News > Dr Krysiński's work in the BERTIM project positively appraised by the EC

We are glad to inform you that business modeling carried out by Dawid Krysiński PhD for the purposes of the international BERTIM project was positively evaluated by reviewers from the European Commission during the last review meeting that was held in Brussels, 25th September 2018.

BERTIM will provide an innovative holistic renovation methodology consisting of green envelope modules and digital BIM-CAD tool or advanced pre-renovation analysis. It is expected that the approach developed in the project will create affordable business opportunity for different stakeholders who want to take the lead in launching smart renovation processes and reducing negative environmental impact of the EU construction sector.

The project was launched because the EU buildings have enormous impact on our environment, and the influence of building performance on a broader sustainability is widely acknowledged. Currently, about 40% of the overall energy consumption in Europe is related to the building sector and represents about 1/3 of CO2 emission in the EU countries. Due to this fact, the European Commission pays close attention to the projects that try to reduce the negative environmental impact of the EU construction sector, giving them a financial contribution from the Horizon 2020 programme.

During the last meeting of the BERTIM consortium, reviewers said that “the project has carried out much work on exploitation and business planning since the Description of Action was written, including the second version of the Business Plan. This too will have an effect on the expected impact, since the project has by now a much clearer understanding of its eventual position in the market and potential for impact after the end of the project".

To find more about this interesting initiative, please visit www.bertim.eu or asm-poland.com.pl/en.

Picture: the Bertim project meeting in Brussels