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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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Researchers from The Centre for Regional and Borderlands Studies (OBROP) - Dr Elżbieta Opiłowska (project leader) with Dr Marcin Dębicki, Dr Kamilla Dolińska, Dr Julita Makaro and Dr Natalia Niedźwiecka-Iwańczak received a research grant of PLN 697,088 (~ €160.000) from the National Science Centre Poland for the project "(De/Re)Constructing borders – narratives and imaginaries on divided towns in Central Europe in comparative perspective"

The project aims to explore the narratives and imaginaries on divided towns within the case study of the Polish-Czech (Cieszyn and Český Těšín) and Polish-German (Słubice and Frankfurt/Oder) border towns in consideration of two social categories – elites and citizens. The project’s findings, as expected, will contribute to the debate of identity formation and bordering practices in divided towns. Such an approach would outline the argumentation strategies and imaginaries of agents of the cross-border cooperation. Thus, it will identify the obstacles and potentials of developing cross-border cooperation. Further, the project will contribute to assess critically and prove empirically the concept of borderscapes as a new tool to question the complexity of the dynamics through which border landscapes are (de)constructed. Despite the rich but dispersed empirical knowledge on borders and borderlands, there are still deficiencies in conceptual and theoretical approaches to the topic.

Furthermore, OBROP received a subvention of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for editing of a Companion to Border(lands) Studies