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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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Department of General Sociology

Academic Staff

History of the Department

The Department of General Sociology was founded as a result of creation of the Institute of Sociology at the University of Wroclaw (1988). Earlier, since 1945, there was the Chair and then the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of History and Philosophy, University of Wroclaw. In the first postwar years, research work was organised by prof. Paweł Rybicki (Jagiellonian University) and his assistant (in the subsequent years, professor), Irena Turnau (University of Lodz). The result of research work during "pioneer years" was the fundamental monograph "Studies on the structure of the population of Polish Wrocław (I. Turnau; Institute for Western Affairs, Poznań, 1960). The continuation of this project (in the form of the research on the social structure of Wrocław and Lower Silesia), became a collective work led by prof. Zdzisław Zagórski.

For many years, the Department was the basis for teaching and research in the organisational structure of Institute of Sociology. The members of Department of General Sociology, as they acquired habilitation and professorship, created other Departments of the Institute of Sociology (such as the Department of the Sociology of Borderlands, the Department of the Sociology of Dispositional Groups), or, if needed, joined other Departments and Institutes of the Faculty of Social Sciences or another universities.

Main researches topics:

Research of the Department of General Sociology covers the areas of civilisations, large structures and social systems, contemporary social processes (including globalisation, civilisational processes, system (dis)integration, post-communism transition and regionalisation), legal determinants of social structures, sociology of (in)security and risk, sociology of health and medicine, sociology of work and organisation, sociology of politics and sociology of physical culture, as well as the relationships between dominant cultures and subcultures and the work experiences of workers in the business process outsourcing centres as well as the quality of jobs in the case of the SAP consultants. 

Academic and scientific events


Academic collaboration

Members of the Department of General Sociology regularly cooperate and participate in international conferences with Centrum voor Sociologisch Onderzoek (prof. Valeria Puglignano), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), University of Strathclyde (Business School, prof. Paul Stewart - Szkocja), Universität Leipzig (Germany); they are also involved in international educational programmes (Master Erasmus Mundus MITRA, Master in Sociology, Specialty Intercultural Mediation, FP7 ITN Changing Employment). They also cooperate at the national level with the Catholic University of Lublin and Warsaw School of Economics.