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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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The Institute of Sociology is a full partner in the international Master Programme Erasmus Mundus MITRA. 

The Erasmus Mundus MITRA programme was launched in 2012 and is called “Intercultural mediation: identities, mobilities, and conflicts”. It intends to respond to the rising social challenges besetting the European societies which have been particularly affected by the “migratory crisis” and its consequences. This crisis has exacerbated political tensions at both national and international levels due to diverging approaches to migration issues. This challenge, a by-product of globalisation processes cutting across European borders, reveals deep-rooted, underlying tensions in today’s societies.

MITRA teaching staff have acknowledged this changing context and allowed for more focus on migration to be brought into this project.

The MITRA Master programme is an Erasmus Joint Master Degree (EJMD), co-funded by the European Agency (EACEA), since 2012 (2012-2018) and again since 2019 (2019-2024).

The consortium is based on complementary disciplinary approaches and includes various sites of study. The different courses offer a vast range of potential field surveys in the host countries located in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe, which have been affected by the most recent migration flows. Host countries may also include non-European areas, Brazil and West Africa for instance, allowing analytical interest to transcend Eurocentric approaches.

The University of Lille coordinates a consortium of 7 partner universities and 3 associated members. 4 non-academic and 3 research partners have also joined the consortium.

The courses offered within the MITRA programme include: