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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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MA in Sociology - Intercultural mediation

Institute of Sociology at the University of Wrocław offers the master programme in sociology, specialty "Intercultural mediation". 

About the Intercultural Mediation Programme

The programme involves 890 teaching hours (120 ECTS). The particular focus of the "Intercultural mediation" programme is on the local, regional (Central and Eastern European) and global dimensions of culture and multiculturalism. The programme is based on the synergy with the international Master Programme Erasmus Mundus MITRA (Transnational Migrations) in which the Institute of Sociology is also involved.


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Why shall I study in Wrocław?

Wrocław is certainly one of those places in Central and Eastern Europe which have shaped and have been shaped by the history of multiculturalism of the region. It is a place in which the discourse of multicultural, open society has constantly clashed with historical, political and structural forces to create a unique historical experience and the need for everyday intercultural mediation. In short, it is the perfect site to study multiculturalism, transmigrations, related conflicts and their resolutions.  You will learn that great majority of inhabitants of Wrocław are migrants and the offsprings of migrants. Imagine a better place to study intercultural mediation!

Meet Kamola, Naile and Nicolai, our graduates, and listen about their experiences of living and studying in Wrocław.

What can I learn?

The graduates of the Intercultural mediation programme will acquire knowledge, skills and competences which they can use in their professional work in the areas of intercultural communication (on the local and corporate levels), conflict resolution and actions aimed at social integration as well as practical (quantitative and qualitative) social research on the problems of multiculturalism, migration and social changes taking place globally and in Central and Eastern Europe. The programme prepares them to work as experts in the state and local administration, non-governmental organisations and private sector companies offering them transferable skills in the areas of multiculturalism, diversity management and cultural conflict resolution.

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More information:


In case of questions please do not hesitate to contact our Programme Coordinator

dr hab. Katarzyna Kajdanek

email: katarzyna.kajdanek@uwr.edu.pl 

phone: +48 71 375 51 10