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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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"What is cross-cultural communication and why is it essential in business?"

!!! We are going to test our ability in inter-cultural communication skills and learn to solve the following puzzles !!!

!!! Workshop Offer 28.01.2020 UWr Career Office !!!

REGISTRATION: https://tiny.pl/t8px4
About workshop:

How to Deliver an Effective Argument Across Cultures—
Your cultural background affects the communication results

Here is a conversation between an American customer (Beth) who wanted to book a flight from one Japanese city to another city. She was on phone with a Japanese Travel Agent1:

BETH: . . .
and then we want to take a plane from Point A to Point B.
TRAVEL AGENT: I see. You want to take a plane?
BETH: Yes.
BETH: Yes.
BETH: Yes.
BETH: Can we do that?
TRAVEL AGENT: Perhaps you would prefer to take a train.
BETH: No, we would prefer to take a plane.
TRAVEL AGENT: Ah-hah. You would prefer to take a plane?
BETH: Yes. A plane.
TRAVEL AGENT: I see. From Point A?

After reading this conversation, we need to consider:
• How does culture differentiate us as individuals and business professionals in getting a clear communication result?
• Are there better ways to communicate with your global colleagues and stakeholders?
• How can we build solidity, celebrate diversity and floor new ways to work better in your project?
If you found yourself related to these questions, this is the workshop for you.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion, participants will be able to
❖ Define cross-cultural communication
❖ Distinguish between high-context and low-context cultures
❖ Explain the role non-verbal communication plays in cross cultural environment
❖ Understand the role of language barriers and power distance
❖ Speak freely with confidence
❖ Create meaningful relations in a diverse environment
Course Program:
❖ The concept of “cross cultural communication” and competence
❖ Rules, expectation, and goal-setting in cross cultural environment
❖ Reasons for the unsuccessful communications
❖ The meaning and technique of silence in cross cultural communication
❖ Development of mutual understandings and trust

Requirements for participants:
❖ Intend to work in international corporations
❖ Intend to serve as foreign affair minister
❖ The desire to develop their negotiation skills
About the Speaker: Kuang-Yi Chao
Kuang-Yi Chao is a social entrepreneur based in Wroclaw and Founder of BESSI Cross Cultural Management, with a primary focus on the cross-cultural awareness and communication training. He was born and educated in Taiwan and graduated with a master in managerial economy from the University of Wroclaw in 2011. Afterwards, he enrolled in a Ph.D program focusing on Innovation research at the University of Wroclaw. In 2016 he decided to embark on another path and started providing cross cultural communication training.

Kuang-Yi has worked for several international companies in Poland. He has provided many first-hand experiences, and shared knowledge about the importance of being able to communicate with people from different cultures. In Wroclaw, he has organized multiple cultural events about how to manage intercultural relationships and shared his Polish life experience. Moreover, in 2019 he conducts cross-cultural seminars “Communication beyond the Languages” and “Cross Cultural Conflict and Resolution” under the faculty of Sinology of University Wroclaw.

Kuang-Yi has been working on the “Cross Cultural Talks in Bar” project in promoting global cultural intelligence in business. He realizes that the biggest gap between cultures lies not in the distance between countries, but in the willingness to expand one’s mind. “As a man from a foreign culture, I learned that I should evaluate every situation not just according to my perspective. I should think emphatically and always remind myself that I shouldn’t judge people according to my habits and traditions because prejudice is one of the biggest barriers in a successful communication.”

Kuang-Yi is currently working on multiple cross-cultural dialogue projects in Poland focusing on sharing what is happening in Taiwan and China, and how to manage the differences between Taiwanese/Chinese and Polish/European cultures.