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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

You are here: Home > Current Students > News for students > Important information for the students of Full-degree studies in English Bachelor and Master programmes  in the academic year of 2019/2020:

  1. Application form - each student of Full- degree studies Bachelor and Master programmes is kindly asked to send their application form no later than by 3.10.2019 http://sjpik.uni.wroc.pl/en/s/5/28
  2. The division into groups will be performed based on the information about the language

               proficiency given in the application form.


NOTE – very important:

  1. In accordance with the regulations about personal data protection, the group lists will be posted in front of the school's office between 4.10 and 20.10.2019.
    Please check the lists accordingly.
  2. Details will be sent to your email addresses. If you will not receive an email with all the information, please contact via email (sjpkc@uwr.edu.pl), or personally by visiting our office (Department of Philology, pl. Nankiera 15b, ground floor, room 6). The school's office is opened on Monday-Wednesday from 9:00 till 15:30, and Thursday-Friday from 9:00 till 12:00.
  3. The classes for Full-degree studies students will begin on the 7.10.2019.
    Please, check carefully on which days, in which groups,  and in which building your group's classes will be taking place. Be advised, the classes take place in two separate buildings – Nankiera 15b and Św. Jadwigi 3/4.
  4. Finally, we would like to kindly ask you to follow the updates on our website and read through all the information posted there. http://www.sjpik.uni.wroc.pl/en/s/5
  5. We would like to kindly inform you that the placement test is organized only for the participants of the semester course. Please, do not show up to the placement test on the 2.10.2019 at 17:00.