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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

You are here: Home > Institute > News > Prof. Katarzyna Kajdanek candidates for the Scientific Excellence Council (DAM)

We are pleased to inform that prof. Katarzyna Kajdanek candidates for the Polish Scientific Excellence Council (DAM) in the Sociological Sciences.

As described by the on-line service "Polish Science" - "The DAM is a new body operating for the development of scientific staff. It will take care of providing the highest standards of the quality of scientific activity required to obtain academic degrees, degrees in the field of art and the title of professor.

Ultimately, the DAM will replace the Central Commission for Degrees and Titles in the supervision of individual promotion proceedings. The composition of the DAM will be determined democratically in the elections in which all persons holding the postPhD degree or the title of professor can participate. Three representatives of each discipline will be accepted to the Council."

Visit prof. Kajdanek's website to find out more about her academic achievements.

Watch the video with the presentation of our candidate (in Polish)