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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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Department of Urban and Rural Sociology

Accademic Staff

PhD students

History of the department

The Department of Urban and Rural Sociology was established in the same year as the Institute of Sociology. Its first Head was Associate Professor Władysław Misiak. Its second Head was Stanisław Witold Kłopot, Associate Professor. Since November 2018 the position is held by Mateusz Błaszczyk, Associate Professor. Since the very beginning the researchers in the unit have carried out numerous research projects and have published papers on development of urban and rural communities and contemporary changes observed in socio-spatial structures in city and countryside.

Main research topics

Academic and scientific events

Researchers at the Department of Urban and Rural Sociology have organized conferences and seminars in cooperation with other Departments at University of Wrocław, Technical University, ECOVAST (The European Council For the Village and Small Town) and Polish Sociological Association. Researchers take an active part in evaluating urban social problems in cooperation with City Council in the project “Wroclaw Diagnosis of Social Problems” and also with city councils in the Lower Silesia region. One result of this cooperation was a conference “City and Power” organized in June 2015.

Recently the academics from the Unit were actively engaged in the process of evaluation of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016, they have also created the strategic documents covering the areas of urban culture and solving social problems in the city which will be included into the main strategic document Wroclaw 2030.

These forms of collaboration will be summed up during a scientific conference “City and Culture” which took place in September 2017.

Academic collaboration

The Department cooperates with other research agencies focused on urban and rural related issues, especially with scholars from Łódź, Katowice, Kraków and with Sections of Urban and Rural Sociology of Polish Sociological Association. Researchers of the unit also carry out individual grants supported by Ministry and EU funds and cooperate with city councils and various Departments; e.g.: