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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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 Department of the Sociology of Gender and Family

Accademic Staff

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History of the Department

The Department of the Sociology of Gender and Family was created in 2016. The initiative to create the Department stemmed from the willingness to co-join in one organisational unit the work of people who cooperated for a couple of years, jointly organising conferences and publishing, even though they belonged to different departments. Professor Dorota Majka-Rostek, dr Ewa Banaszak and dr Paweł Czajkowski organised two academic conferences:

“Gender not welcome? Socio-cultural dimensions of gender in the public and private sphere”, Wrocław, 4th December 2014.

“Body is a trickster. Sociocultural contexts of experiencing the body”, Wrocław, 10th December 2015

The collaborative publications are:

Main research topics

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Academic collaboration