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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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Department of the Sociology of Science, Knowledge and Culture

When it comes to the sociology of science, the department conducts research on the dilemmas of the development of science, its conflicts, its scientific elites and the relationship among themselves, and more importantly the impact of science on various areas of collective life. As far as the sociology of knowledge is concerned, research has been carried out extensively on the mechanisms of knowledge formation, the processes of rationalization associated with the collective life concept, the structuring of collective thinking, and the links between scientific knowledge and social knowledge systems. In terms of the sociology of culture, research has been conducted on the construction of culture, the diversity of participation in culture, communication systems, the relationship between culture and social change, and the reproduction of the social structure.


In the department, theoretical and empirical researches have been launched in the following areas:

Anticipatory dimension of social phenomena and processes

Meta-analysis of social forecasting

Cultural change especially in the generational dimension

Connections between Pierre Bourdieu's concept of the logic of practice and other non-discursive logics, including the logic of Lebenswelt

Iconic turn, performative turn and mythology (study of image and myth)

The Meta-theoretical Perspective of Cultural Practices

Theoretical research on cultural aspects of the domination-subordination situation

Urban culture

Socio-cultural aspects of social participation

Collective memory

The history of Polish sociology


The Sociology of morality

The Sociology of literature

Theories of social change

The Sociology of knowledge

The Sociology of culture

Cultural aspects of education

Research on the scientific work of Florian Znaniecki and Bruno Latour (relations between philosophy and sociology)

Methodology of social sciences


The department cooperates with, among others:


Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Philosophy of Culture UWr (CBIFK), Poland.

The Faculty of Finance and Management, WSB Wrocław

Department of Literature Didactics at the Institute of German Philology, University of Wrocław

Department of Education, University of Lower Silesia

Centre de Recherches Internationales sur l’Imaginaire (CRI 2i).

Academic Staff