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University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

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List of publications in UWr’s database

Publications in the field of socio-economic development and competitiveness of cities

  1. Błaszczyk Mateusz, Krysiński Dawid (2018), From the crisis to the urban cluster. In search of a new formula for small cities development, „Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica”, nr 19 (in Polish)
  2. Krysiński Dawid (2015), The role of regional authorities in shaping development and competitiveness of Polish medium-sized cities, „Folia Sociologica”, nr 54 (in Polish)
  3. Krysiński Dawid (2015), Voivodeship status of city as a factor of growth in the post-industrial era, „Folia Sociologica”, nr 52 (in Polish)
  4. Krysiński Dawid (2013), Reform is the cause of all evil. Opinions on loss of voivodeship status among Kalisz inhabitants, „Sociological Review”, nr LXII/4 (in Polish)
  5. Krysiński Dawid (2013), Social barriers to the development of post-provincial regional centers as a threat to Poland's development policy. The example of Kalisz, „Regional Development and Regional Policy”, nr 23 (in Polish)

Publications in the field of smart city

  1. Krysiński Dawid, Nowakowski Paweł, Dana Przemysław (2017), Social Acceptance for Energy Efficient Solutions in Renovation Processes [in:] Proceedings of Sustainable Places International Conference, Zia Lennard (red.) (in English)
  2. Krysiński Dawid, de Augustin Pablo, Romero Ander, A new era in energy performance of buildings (2017), “EU Research”, nr 4 (in English; popular-scientific publication)
  3. Krysiński Dawid (2017), Circular Construction and Demolition Waste? Barriers and Opportunities for Creating Circular Business Models in The EU C&DW Sector, [in:] Proceedings of HISER International Conference, Francesco Di Maio (red.), Delft University of Technology (in English)
  4. Krysiński Dawid (2016), Preliminary Circular Construction Review, report for the purposes of the “European Circular Construction Alliance” project (in English)
  5. Krysiński Dawid (2015), Between Postmodern Sustainable Transport Policy and Modern Habits of People: a Private Car in Biographical Experiences of Polish Drivers [in:] Proceedings of European Transport Conference (in English)
  6. Krysiński Dawid (2016), The ‘’symbiosis” of a private vehicle and a private life. Reflections about the role of the car in Poland, “ Poznań Ethnological Studies”, vol. 19, s. 153-168 (in English)
  7. Krysiński Dawid (2014), The idea of sustainable transport and the policy of Polish cities, „Urban Studies”, t. 14 (in Polish)
  8. Krysiński Dawid (2013), Shaping the transport space of Polish cities and the social responsibility of local governments. An attempt to critical analysis [in:] „Studies of KPZK PAN”, Markowski T., Stawasz D. (ed.), Partnership and responsibility in the functioning of the city, vol. CLVII (in Polish)
  9. Krysiński Dawid (2013), Right about modernism?, „Autoportret”, nr 3 (42) (in English; popular-scientific publication)


  1. Linda Rootam (2013), “I don’t feel well here anymore” – new Berlin through the eyes of East Berliners”, translation from English to Polish: Dawid Krysiński, [in:] Mrozowicki A., Nowaczyk O., Szlachcicowa I. (ed.), Agency. Theory, methods, empirical studies in social sciences, NOMOS, Kraków