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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Instytut Socjologii

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Serdecznie zapraszamy na prezentację projektu Jazz violin in France, Belgium, and Poland i dyskusję z Alexą Torres Skillicorn, stypendystką Fulbrighta w Instytucie Sociologii. Spotkanie odbędzie się w środę, 12 kwietnia 2023, godz. 14, sala 203. Istnieje możliwość uczestniczenia online - proszę o kontakt z prof. Elżbietą Opiłowską (elzbieta.opilowska@uwr.edu.pl).

Alexa Torres Skillicorn is a jazz violinist, jazz researcher and educator who has over twenty years of experience studying and performing on her instrument. She is currently on a Fulbright grant researching Polish jazz violin traditions. Through her work, she aims to contribute to a new academic synthesis between ethnography and jazz research, and to cultivate a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical agency of jazz violinists. In May 2022, she graduated with a master’s in music in jazz studies (jazz violin performance track) from the University of North Texas. As a performer, she toured Europe, the United States, Mexico, Australia, and Chile and has played with big names in the Latin American music scene, including Grammy winner Mon Laferte. She recently recorded her first album as a band leader – a mix of her arrangements of standard jazz tunes and original compositions – which will be released in 2023. As a researcher, she conducted ethnographic music research in Chile for her honors thesis entitled “Reclaiming Cueca: the Brava Tradition and Imagined Identities among Santiago’s Cuequeros.” In summer 2022, she conducted fieldwork with jazz violinists in Belgium and France funded by the Presser Graduate Music Award. Her work is published in journals of social science and music education.